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Our Services

LaDanity's LLC focuses on the success of at home call center Agents that choose us to connect their companies with our amazing clients. We focus on quality and as such we’re able to produce the best Agents within the Arise Virtual Solutions network. We are dedicated to making the Agents that choose us to mentor their companies to be the highest performing in the network.

Administrative Support

Our focus is on helping new at home call center agents through the system. We are here to help from the beginning starting with the enrollment process, selecting and certifying with your first client, getting paid and beyond.


Report Processing

You will receive a detailed report identical to that which we receive from from our partners. Nothing is hidden or held back. You receive all bonuses and incentives offered to your business by your client.

Record Keeping

A copy of your client opportunity, Independent Contractor Agreement and contract is kept on file for the time frame in which you provide services to the client. You are also given a copy of your client contract for your own records which outlines your pay rate and contractual expectations.

Support Services

A wide variety of services are provided to help your company become and remain successful with your client. We have an amazing support page full of information. We also have a toll free support line and we have an active online community where hundreds of our team members are available for support and encouragement.


Virtual Talk

Virtual Talk is our weekly meeting that is in place to help with your company quality and metrics. We will guide you on how to perform better and provide better service to your accounts. We encourage our team members to join us weekly and to always look for ways to grow and improve.

Incident Research & Resolution

Our dedicated staff will advocate on your behalf, researching every issue and providing the detailed feedback that we receive and expediting a resolution. 

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Our clients are our partners, that’s why we choose them carefully:

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